Writing for Health Care Management 

RN-BSN Courses

TWC 361 Writing for Health Care Management    3 credits  (L)
Course Description: This course introduces strategies, formats, and techniques for effective writing and presentation of information for nursing professionals.

NUR 391 Professional Nursing Theory    4 credits   (L)
Course Catalog Description: This course explores the contemporary practice of professional nursing.

NUR 315 Methods and Critical Appraisal for Evidence-Based Practice    3 credits   (L)
Catalog Description: An exploration of the process of scientific and clinical inquiry, research methodology, and critical appraisal in the synthesis of research findings for application in evidence-based nursing practice.

NUR 392 Health Promotion Across the Life Span    4 credits
Catalog Description: The concepts and theories involved in health promotion across the lifespan and their application for nurses are examined.

NUR 460 Art of Nursing    4 credits   (HU)
Catalog Description: This course explores the aesthetic, ethical, and personal patterns of knowing in nursing for the practicing RN.

NUR 440 Community/Public Health Nursing in the United States     4 credits
Catalog Description: This course examines selected concepts, theories and applications of epidemiology, community assessment and population-centered health education for community /public health nursing in the United States.

NUR 444 Innovation in Nursing    4 credits
Catalog Description:  This course examines the role and behaviors of an innovator, including the essential behaviors of risk taking and change.

NUR 445 Nursing Management in Health Care     4 credits
Catalog Description: This course is comprised of selected theories and concepts of organizational behavior and the management of people and resources, with specific focus on management for nurses.

NUR 495 Public and Global Health in Nursing    4 credits
Catalog Description: Concepts and theories of public health, global health, and health policy will be evaluated and their application to nursing practice will be analyzed.

NUR 464 Capstone: The Synthesis of Professional Nursing     4 credits
Course Catalog Description:  Synthesis of theories and concepts for professional nursing practice with a focus on role transitions will be evaluated.

Written Paper Grading Rubric – 10 points
This grading rubric will be used to assess Written Paper Assignments worth 10 points each.
Criteria    Points    Points    Points

Organization     3    2    0
•    Content was well organized and flowed in a sequence using appropriate concepts and ideas.
•    Each paragraph provided important and relevant information.
•    All requirements for the content of the paper were met.     •    Content was organized but the flow of the paper was not sequenced.
•    Information provided was limited in its importance and relevance to the assignment.
•    Requirements were partially met.
•    Content was hastily put together and there was no logical sequence.
•    Information had no relevance to the assignment.
•    Requirements were not met.

Depth of Coverage    3    2    0
•    Used a high level of analysis integrating a broad array of acquired knowledge and content.    •    Some evidence of analysis with a basic level of integration of knowledge and content found.    •    Very little or no analysis or integration. Showed little evidence of any depth given to the assignment.

Logic and Justification of Conclusions    2    1    0
•    Well thought out with rationale provided.
•    Provided conclusions that were well grounded in evidence and appropriate to the content and direction of the paper.    •    Some thought given with a superficial rationale provided.
•    Limited conclusions reached and provided; had some relevance to the content and direction of the paper.     •    Little or no thought given to the paper with only superficial coverage and rationale.
•    No conclusions provided.

Professionalism and APA Format     2    1    0
•    Consistent use of grammar with no spelling errors.
•    Writing was appropriate and effective for this level of instruction.
•    Required number of citations used.
•    Evidence of all requirements of APA Editorial Format.    •    Some errors in spelling and grammar.
•    Writing was satisfactory for this level of instruction.
•    Only one of the two citations were used.
•    Some evidence of the use of APA Editorial Format.    •    Many errors in spelling and grammar.
•    Writing was unsatisfactory for this for this level of instruction.
•    No citations were used.
•    Little to no evidence of the use of APA Editorial Format.

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