300 words per question by 10/16/14 5 pm Eastern time with 2 references per question.

Thank you


Go to http://www.jointcommission.org/PatientSafety/NationalPatientSafetyGoalsand review the website. What are the major issues related to the National Patient Safety Goals? Choose one area that applies to your practice or area of interest, and describe how EBP could help you meet the goals for patient safety.

Perform a Web search and find a reliable source of information that allows you to discuss the following questions:

What role does leadership play in improving care? How does this relate to nursing as a profession as well as to an individual nurse? How are nurses prepared to be leaders? How does the nurse utilize clinical judgment in providing patient-centered care? Please provide the title of the document you found and include the URL.


ok, so I need a paper, 2-3 pages using APA format, double spaced, and references, on Post-partum depression.

This paper needs to:

1) Explain and discuss the depiction of mental illness in a specific piece of media- such as, a movie, television, literature, news, etc.

2) compare the depiction of the mental illness to the known clinical knowledge of post partum depression, and how this information affects the viewer, reader.

3) references for Clinical knowledge must be professional or journal quality. And you CANNOT use Wikipedia, or the varcarolis foundations of psychiatric mental health nursing textbook by Margaret halter.


This is is also going to be checked for plagiarism, so again, 100% real by you.


Ill be be needing this paper the first week of novemeber if you can’t get it to me quicker than that 🙂

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