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“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide for our communication with others” ~ Anthony Robbins

This week you will study about creating a motivating climate, communication, delegation, and managing conflict. As leaders, these concepts are important to understand and will serve you well in whatever position you chose. Marquis and Huston (2014) suggest “dynamic leaders inspire followers toward participative management by how they work and communicate in groups” (p. 438).

You have been working and constructing your change project since week 2. This week for your discussion question, you need to construct a memo in the form of an email to communicate your change project. In your initial post, include the memo. Then discuss the following:

  • How would you communicate this project in the upward, downward, horizontal, and diagonal channels?
  • Explain your strategies and provide evidence of support from your readings or literature.
  • Discuss grapevine communication networks that exist within your organization and make recommendations of how you would ensure accurate information is communicated through this method.

Support your discussion and opinions with facts, relevant examples from personal nursing practice, and at least two citations from the reading or peer-reviewed professional nursing literature. Remember to use APA 6th edition formatting for all discussion posts and reference citations.

See the Nursing Syllabus Standards & Policies Document for Discussion Participation Guidelines

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