Public Health And Sexuality

2 responses to the assignments.

Please be thorough with your response and be sure to back up all information with reputable sources.

1. For week three I decided to go with topic 2 for my discussion response. Some basic conditions for good sex that were developed by Zilbergold are through discovering all of your conditions to ensure that you are able to enjoy your sexuality. Through his studies he has explained that every individual has his or her own unique condition for good sex. You must look at both conditions sexual satisfaction of when pleasure and intimacy was at it’s highest point and also it’s lowest point when you possibly felt like you were not aroused. He Zilbergeld states that within a sexual situation you must be comfortable, confident, and excited in order to get the fulfillment of an open experience. By clearing your mind of all the unnecessary chaos, you are able to transmit sexual messages that will result in better satisfaction when it comes to intimacy.

In order to fully understand your condition, you and your partner must communicate all factors to understand sexual desires. By incorporating sexual enhancement programs, couples are able to make time for one another in having a better understanding of sexual fulfillment. “To sustain a loving sexual relationship, individuals must be willing to face the threats to the defense system that loving another person and being loved for oneself evoke” (Yarber, Sayad, Strong, 2015 p 455). When it comes to sexual difficulties, couple have the opportunity to cooperate with one another to help each other have a better intimate relationship.

Differences in sexual desires amongst couples can tend to cause arguments which results in a negative way within the relationship. “One of the most significant elements of enhancing our physical experience of sex is intensifying arousal” Yarber, Sayad, Strong, 2015 p 459). Through homework exercises and programs, couples are able to better understand one another. From the readings you can see that these types of programs and exercises are somewhat comparable to sex therapy. Some couples may also incorporate using erotic aids such as sex toys to enhance sexual responsiveness. Having excellent sex is adaptable and varies with couples but the outcomes are able to be altered with the time and dedication to improving the experiences.

2.  Describe the major obstacles to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (GLBT) people in obtaining adequate health care.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered persons face unique health care challenges.  Fear and costs are the main reasons the LGBT community faces challenges in obtaining adequate health care.  More than half of this population of Americans state that they have experienced violence, threats, or harassment because of their sexuality or gender identity.  LGBTQ people receive poor quality of care not only due to stigma, but also because of a lack of healthcare providers’ awareness as well as insensitivity to the unique needs of this community.  These discriminations in healthcare settings endanger LGBTQ people’s lives through delays or denials of medically necessary care.

In many times, the patients want to talk about their sexual health but fear they would be discriminated against or stigmatized.  Because they don’t want discrimination to affect the quality of healthcare they receive, many people do no tell their doctors about their sexual orientation.  Because of this hesitation, lesbians and bisexual women have higher rates of breast cancer than heterosexual women since they have been found to get less routine health care than other women.  By eliminating LGBT health disparities and enhancing efforts to improve LGBT health are necessary to ensure that the LGBT individuals can lead long, healthy lives.

Sexuality is an integral part of a patien’ts identity that needs to uniquely defined by each patient.  It cannot be determined simply by looking at someone.  Healthcare providers may lack adequate training on the specific needs and clalenges faced by the LGBT community.  Although there has been an uprising in LGBTQ-friendly healthcare providers, we as whole need to bring more awareness and help stop the discrimination, a lot of LGBT fear of the discrimination that they stop from seeking the needed medical care that they should have.  A way to improve this, is that healthcare providers can use inclusive language so that patients doesn’t need to feel that they have defend their sexual identity. The wrong words used by the healthcare provider can be experienced as heterosexist and can reveal a lack of understanding.

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