Pharmacogenomics in the nursing literature

Read the integrative research review article by Knisely, Carpenter, and Ah “Pharmacogenomics in the nursing literature: An integrative review.” Then complete a four-five page analysis and critique paper, 750-1000 words. In this critique you will complete the Synopsis, Credibility, and Clinical Significance components from pages 409-413 of your textbook, Appendix D: “Completed Appraisal: Conclusions of an Integrative Research Review.”

Title your page with the following heading:
•Learning Activity #3: Your Name and the Date.
•Appraisal: Conclusions of an Integrative Research Review.
•Citation: Knisely, M. R., Carpenter, J. S., & Ah, D. V. (2014). Pharmacogenomics in the nursing literature: An integrative review. Nursing Outlook, 62(4), 285-296.

A. Synopsis:
1.How many persons were involved in conducting the review?.
2.What topic or question did the integrative research review address?.
3.How were potential research reports identified?.
4.What determined if a study was included in the analysis?.
5.How many studies were included in the review?.
6.What research designs were used in the selected research studies?.
7.What were the consistent and important across-studies conclusions?.

B. Credibility:
8.Was the topic clearly defined? Yes ___ No ___ Not clear ___.
9.Was the search for studies and other evidence comprehensive and unbiased? Yes ___ No ___ Not clear ___.
10.Was the screening of citations for inclusion based on explicit criteria? Yes ___ No ___ Not clear ___.
11.Were the included studies assessed for quality? Yes ___ No ___ Not clear ___.
12.Were the design characteristics and the findings of the studies displayed or discussed in sufficient detail? Yes ___ No ___ Not clear ___.
13.Was there truly an integration (synthesis) of findings – not merely reporting of findings from each study individually? Yes ___ No ___ Not clear ___.
14.If different findings were found between studies, did the reviewers explore why differences in findings might have occurred? Yes ___ No ___ Not clear ___.
15.Did the reviewers distinguish between conclusions based on consistent findings from a sufficient number of studies and those based on inferior evidence? Yes ___ No ___ Not clear ___.
16.Which conclusions were supported by consistent findings from two or more studies? Yes ___ No ___ Not clear ___.
17.Are the conclusions credible? All ___ Some ___ No ___.

C. Clinical Significance:
18.Across studies, is the size of the treatment or the strength of the association found or the meaningfulness of qualitative findings strong enough to make a difference in patient outcomes or experiences of care? Yes ___ No ___ Not clear ___.
19.Are the conclusions relevant to the care the nurses give? Yes ___ No ___ Not clear ___.
20.Are the conclusions clinically significant? Some ___ No ___.

D. Conclusion:

21. Conclude the paper with your thoughts about using integrative research reviews to find evidence about clinical practice problems. Is this approach a practice that you could use in your own clinical practice setting?

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