Nursing Role and Scope

BSN Program

NUR 3805 – Nursing Role and Scope

Prof. Lourdes Castaneda, MSN, RN, CNML

September, 2018

1. There is a wide variety of perspectives and frameworks from which to practice nursing. After reading the various framework and theories presented, which most closely matches your beliefs? Please explain why?

Although all the various frameworks and theories presented were great representations of the nursing career, I feel that I most closely relate to Nightingale’s clinical wisdom. Nightingale’s environmental theory states that the environment has a huge influence on the health of a patient. To ensure optimal care, the nurse must provide a suitable environment that is favorable to ease healing and healthy living. I also feel, as nightingale strongly suggested, that a clean and hygienic environment is necessary to ultimately practice anything health related. Otherwise, you are not correcting the health issue at hand and patients are not truly being cured.

I also agree with the fact that nightingale states that nursing is separate from medicine. Nursing consists of allowing the patient to be placed in the best possible condition for nature to take its course. Nurses allow promotion of health. To achieve this, the environment must work in our favor. This includes Nightingale’s ten major concepts identified as “Nightingale’s Canons”. The canons include ventilation and warming, light and noise, cleanliness of the area, health of houses, bed and bedding, personal cleanliness, variety, offering hope and advice, food, and observation.

2. After reading the Nurse of the future: Nursing core competencies on page 84, please describe how you plan to apply these 10 core competencies into your daily Nursing practice. Please be sure to address all 10 competencies and give specific examples.

The ten core competencies include patient-centered care, professionalism, leadership, systems-based practice, informatics and technology, communication, teamwork and collaboration, safety, quality improvement, and evidence-based practice. I plan apply all ten core competencies into my daily nursing practice in order to be the best nurse that I can be. I will apply patient-centered care by recognizing an individual’s preferences and needs and providing compassionate and effective care. I will apply professionalism by respecting the patient’s privacy and maintain legal and ethical morality. I will apply leadership by facilitating roles and issues within my department and coming up with ways to improve. I will apply systems-based practice by understanding that the health care system is larger than just nursing. I will apply informatics and technology by synthesizing information collaborating with team members to optimize patient outcomes. I will apply communication by interacting with patients, family members and colleagues to increase satisfaction all around. I will apply teamwork and collaboration by practicing open communication and making myself as available as I can to assist fellow colleagues. I will apply safety by reducing the risk of harm to patients and anyone that comes in contact with the healthcare system. I will apply quality improvement by monitoring processes and implementing improvement methods. I will apply evidence-based practice by using the latest evidence and research in conjunction with my clinical experience to provide optimal health care.


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