Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia registration requirements.

im going to CCU for placement, so i need to do my assignment regarding CCU learning outcome report.

i have attached file about guidelines and criteria for assignment

Document Preview:

Assessment #3 – Learning Outcome Report OverviewThis assignment is a report on a learning plan that will asist students to meet the new Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia registration requirements. The Continuing Professional Development [CPD] (Section 7) registration standard indicate the following:Documentation of self-directed Continuing Professional Development [CPD] must include dates, a brief description of the outcomes, and the number of hours spent in each activity. All evidence should be verified. It must demonstrate that the nurse or midwife has:a) identified and prioritised their learning needs, based on an evaluation of their practice against the relevant competency or professional practice standards.b) developed a learning plan based on identified learning needs.c) participated in effective learning activities relevant to their learning needs.d) reflected on the value of the learning activities or the effect that participation will have on their practice.Assessment 3 This assignment is a report which incorporates a number of components which will assist you to comply with the CPD requirements outlined above. Students can also use this assignment as part of their e-Portfolio. The e-Portfolio is available to students via the LearnOnline website, from the Course Essentials bloc. The e-Portfolio will remain active for 2 years following graduation. It can be used as a tool for employment and can assist with you meeting your CPD requirements. Information regarding the E-portfolio will be provided in the first lecture and by podcast. Components of the Learning Outcome ReportThe Introduction – Students will identify the context they are undertaking. By providing a brief overview of the role of the RN in this area, you will demonstrate an understanding of the context of nursing.Part A) – Students will indicate the area of development they want to focus on.By reflecting on your learning in the course, identify one area you wish to develop further. A number…

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