National patient safety

National patient safety

Below I attached the instructions and requirements for this paper.

It would have to be written with the idea of working in a long term care facility during clinicals.

APA format and references, citations, and plagerism will be double checked.

All requirements are in the attachment below.

Critical Thinking/Research Project

National Patient Safety Goals

This project was developed to help the student explore their ability to critically think, solve a complex series of problems through analysis and evaluation, and reach justifiable conclusions. The student will then create a solution and discuss its’ application to their clinical environment.

The Joint Commission (JC) is an independent, not-for-profit organization. They accredit and certify more than 19,000 health care organizations, including Long Term Care facilities (LTC) in the United States.

The Joint Commission had established, and updates yearly, the National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG).

Your assignment is to choose one of the NPSG’s. Then, research your chosen topic and write a minimum of 750 word APA paper. Your paper should be in 2 parts.

Part 1:

Describe the NPSGyou chose
Describe the concerns related to this goal
What are the consequences to patient safety if the goal is not achieved?
What are the evidence-based practice solutions you have found in your research?

Part 2:

Based on your clinical experience, how is your NPSG incorporated at this facility?
Based on your evidence-based practice research, what changes would you implement at your clinical site to comply with NPSG’s?

The following rules apply:

Use APA format. Follow the APA example loaded in ANGEL under assignments folder.
Use only peer-reviewed articles published within the past 5 years.
No Wikipedia
No .com’s. Only .org, .edu, .gov
Have a minimum of 3 references. (You must use the NPSG website as one reference).
Two (2) references must be peer-reviewed and from a reputable NURSING JOURNAL.I suggest you use Rasmussen Library’s data base.
Please leave bias, judgmental and emotional comments out of your paper
When writing a paper, use only third person. Do not use terms like ‘me,” or “I”
You may use as many references as necessary to complete your paper.
The library is a great resource. See Mary. She is a great resource.

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