. It is important to use all the information in the report below to respond to construct the PPT. The slides should contain a minimum of 4 bullets points and a minimum of 100 word speaker notes elaborating on the points in the slides. In text citation should also be used throughout the entire assignment.
The new CEO of your organization has requested that you prepare a presentation for your colleagues recommending strategies and processes needed to effectively complete your innovation in patient care. Your colleagues include the administrative team, along with all staff members of the organization, including: nurses, nursing assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and pharmacists.
3.Based on your plan and your report below , prepare a 10-15 slide presentation to present to your colleagues.
?Content should include all sections from the final report which is attached below
?Format should include:
¦10 content slides (excluding title and reference slide)
¦title and reference slides
¦Citations and references of at least 2-3 sources in APA format

The report paper which revolves around health care sector has special interest in nursing practice and quality delivery. Delivery of safe and quality healthcare is a major undertaking that nurses are faced with in every day operations. Therefore, the report explores an innovative strategy to promote quality patient care delivery and its implementation plan. The new innovative strategy being explored is the integration of informatics in nursing profession to enhance better and efficient nursing care services. The adoption of IT best practices in health care is deemed necessary especially the use of electronic medical records (EMR).
Problem Diagnosis
Manual documentation of information by nurses in the hospital has always been a major challenge. Moreover, it has been an out-dated procedure,…

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