Improving self-image among patients in the burn unit.

Improving self-image among patients in the burn unit. This project seeks to evaluate and identify known risk factors contributing to self-image and depression in burn victims. I will be implementing a journal at the bedside to assist patients during their healing process. By allowing them to express their concerns and fears. This will assist patients in understanding different methods of coping through writing.

Capstone Clinical Project: The project must demonstrate the students ability to synthesize and apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the academic program to real world nursing issues & problems

1. Identify a practice/problem/policy on your assigned unit. Be specific as to how this affects the unit you are working on. Prepare and abstract on your proposed change.
2. Find evidence to support this practice/policy change. You may use research articles, meta analysis, and integrative reviews from peer reviewed journals. Summarize the evidence from at least 5 professional sources (No older than 5 years).
3. Evaluate the evidence. Is the evidence strong enough to change practice/policy or support a current practice/policy? Does the evidence support the practice/policy?
4. Make recommendations based on the evidence. How could you apply your recommendations on your unit?
5. Prepare a poster presentation to disseminate your findings. After approval from the nurse manager and professor, disseminate your findings to your assigned unit. Posters may be constructed using the following:
6. follow the link to scientific posters
7. APA format 7 Pages
8. PLEASE use images, Charts and graphs in this paper
9. organization
10. spelling.

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