drugs could be poorly handled and the result to that may be deaths or other detrimental consequences.

respond to this with 2 apa style paragraph

From my understanding, after successfully going through the course syllabus I realized that drugs could be poorly handled and the result to that may be deaths or other detrimental consequences. Therefore, to avoid the grave repercussions that come with poor handling of these drugs strategy to proper drug safety approach should be employed based on its suitability to eliminate any case of a risk occurrence.
The strategy should put into consideration the chemical composition and other contents of the drugs that if they are not properly handled can cause a problem to both the user and those in the environs. The most preferred method of drug safety is labeling, and with this drug, packages are marked and come with instructions that guide the users (Byrne et al., 2014). In the absentia of these instructions then the medical practitioner should step in to offer these guidelines, failure to do so will negatively affect the advanced practice nursing because that will be read as laxity by the people mandated to carry out the task.
It is necessary that the nurses check that their medicines are well-packed, their content indicated and accompanied with how to use the substance. All these indications should be made apparently so that the patients, as well as the junior workers in the facility, can identify when prescribing (Neubert et al., 2004). Advanced practice nursing targets perfection in their nursing services delivery and for that to be achieved it is vital that drug safety is considered and labeling of these drugs is done and stored adequately as indicated on the drugs’ containers.
In conclusion, I can applause my course syllabus to be the genesis of my knowledge and understanding of what I can say today is essential in my nursing field. Because right now I can define the roles that come with advanced practice nursing and I can incorporate the attribute that will model me to the position.

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