Cost, Quality, Access and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Cost, Quality, Access and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

1. Analyze the major provisions for decreasing cost, and increasing access to healthcare and quality of that care contained in the ACA.
2. Discuss the major comtemporary cost, quality, and access issues confronting healthcare delivery.

1. Patel, K.m. Masi, D. (2015). Five ways Obamacare has improved your health care. Brookings Institute. Access
2. Nix, K. (2016) Obamacare Undermines Physicans, Quality of Care. Heritage Foundations Center for Health Policy Studies. Access
3. Pipes, S. 2008. “Myth Six: Universal coverage can be achieved by forcing everyone to buy health insurance.” In Top Ten Myths of

American Health Care San Francisco: Pacific Research Institute. Pp 65-80
4. Pipes, S. 2008. “Myth Three: Forty-six million Americans can’t get health care.” In Top Ten Myths of American Health Care. San

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5. No author. (2014). Study: Pre-Obamacare Health Insurance was better quality than exchange plans., posted 9-18-14. Access
6. McKinney, M.(2011). About that Quality Chasm. Modern Healthcare Access


Write a 500-word(2 double-spaced page)paper in APA format. Refer to the Rubric for guidance. Integrate the following content into your


1. Synthesize the data on ACA strategies to contain cost, increase and promote quality of care.
a. Are more Americans insured?
b. Has access to insurance translated into increased access to healthcare?
c. What has been the impact on nursing practice?

Initial posting is substantial, clear and fully addresses the main topic. Supporting information from readings and research is

consistently evident.

No errors in grammar, spelling and/or punctuation; excellent professional writing skills: APA format followed always.

Relevance and application to learning module or to nursing practice clearly evident and specific. Always uses references to support

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