Connecting Assets and Choosing Your Community Partner

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Connecting Assets and Choosing Your Community Partner

It is now important for the community nurse to evaluate the assets (resources) of the various potential partners.

Specific to your listed assets (resources) and potential partners answer the following questions and formulate the script as mentioned in item #4. The completed script forms a large part of your professionally written paper (APA format) and should include:
– a title page,
– discussion within body, and
– reference page
Support your responses with scholarly sources of information mostly from peer-reviewed nursing journals. You may also include some scholarly sources from other disciplines.

1. Which of your listed assets do you think would best meet the needs of the nursing plan for the community? Why?

2. Which of your potential partners do you think would be best suited to the nursing plan for the community? Why?

3. Are the needed assets all owned by one of your potential partners? If not, what other potential partner could be contacted? (It is not necessary that all assets come from one potential partner i.e., space from one, paper for fliers from another, etc.). However, it does mean that the community health nurse may have to contact other potential partners to fill in the gap.)

4. Formulate a script to follow for discussion with your potential community partner. This segment will help you discuss your thoughts in a smooth manner without “losing your place” in discussion. You should include information from items 1, 2 & 3 above in your script. (Chapter 13 in your textbook will be helpful.) The script should cover:
A. Briefly, why you are contacting them. (who you are, etc.)
B. A synopsis of your community assessment.
C. Your priority health risk hazard.
D. The goal for the community’s health (prevention or current need).
E. Your plan/intervention/strategy, you think will impact change (and why).
F. Where they fit into the plan. (Present this in a positive light and with honesty, you
want their help.)
G. What are their thoughts and suggestions

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