Concept Analysis paper: Spirituality

Topic: Concept Analysis paper: Spirituality

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide you an opportunity to explore in depth a concept that has relevance to a problem in your nursing practice.

A Concept Analysis is a scholarly process of inquiry that explores the various dimensions of “structure, use, representativeness and relationship” and is performed to promote better understanding of a select concept. It is a rigorous scholarly exercise in which the literature related to a specific concept has been exhausted and the essence of the concept meaning has been developed.

You will select your concept analysis from any of the concept articles found in the Concept Analysis Articles tab in Blackboard. This tab contains a variety of pre-approved concept analysis articles. The article selected will be your foundation for this assignment, but in addition you will need to do a thorough literature search on the concept selected.

Describe a problem in your current nursing practice or one that you anticipate in your future practice as a masters-prepared nurse. Conduct a literature review to support the significance of your selected problem. Include a published concept analysis in your review of the literature (the concept analysis article you selected as stated above). Analyze the published concept analysis for application in your current practice and your anticipated practice as a masters-prepared nurse. What did you learn about your selected concept from reading the concept analysis? How will you change your practice based on what you have learned in your exploration of this concept? What do you expect to see as a change in outcomes based on your proposed change in practice?

Criteria Points
Description of the selected problem & its significance in your nursing practice (either current or anticipated future practice) 15
Literature search is comprehensive and supports the significance of the selected problem. Includes scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. 20
Relevance of published concept analysis to the described problem. Describe the strategy or model that was used for the selected concept analysis. Do you think this was the best model for analysis? Would you use it or a different one if you were conducting this concept analysis 20
Proposed change in your practice based on analysis of concept analysis. 15
Anticipated outcomes that you will use as indication of the success of your change in practice. 15
Graduate level writing, writing style, organization of paper and use of APA format – Paper length 8 -10 pages including title and references pages. 15
Total 100

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