Compare the health care organization (John Hopkins) in relation to the Magnet Model and its five components

Change Project

1. Compare the health care organization (John Hopkins) in relation to the Magnet Model and its five
A. Transformational Leadership
B. Structural Empowerment
C. Exemplary Professional Practice
D. New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements
E. Empirical Quality Results
2. Based on your findings, identify one component that could be improved upon and develop a plan that you feel will improve or enhance the organization’s
performance of the stated component.

The student will compare and contrast the organization in relation to the Magnet Model and
identify one component where change would improve the organizations outcomes related to the
component identified.
1. Give a brief overview of the organization and include:
2. Organizational Structure Chart
3. Vision
4. Mission
5. Core Values
6. Number of Beds
7. Services Provided: Outpatient/Inpatient: Cardiac, Emergency, Trauma, Obstetrical,
Pediatrics and/or Women’s Health
8. Community/Demographic Served
9. Identify the component and state the reason it is being addressed in the paper. Include the
expected outcomes based on the changes being recommended.
Change Process
1. Describe the desired change and your recommendations for implementation. Utilize at
least five scholarly resources appropriate to support your recommendations that are
appropriate for your topic and not more than 5 years old.
2. Apply a formal change theory to the change. Identify the motivational theory applied to
develop the proposal.
3. Discuss how the change would be implemented. Identify who (can be more than one)
would be responsible for implementing the change: Nursing Director, Nurse Manager,
Charge Nurse, Staff Nurses, Nurse Educator, Nursing Councils or Committees, Clinical
Nurse Specialist, Case Management, Nursing Informatics Specialist, etc.
Systems Affected by the Proposed Change
1. Identify the systems (can be more than one) that would affected by the proposed changes:
Nursing, Legal, Political, Financial, Medicine, Allied Health Departments, Human
Resources, Employee Health or other support systems.
2. How would you inform leaders about your project and what strategies would you use to
increase cooperation from them? What information or statistics would you use to
convince the leaders that your plan will benefit their area?
Reflection and Conclusion
1. Explain how your plan would enhance the mission of the organization.
2. How long do you think it would take to implement your plan?
3. Do you believe your plan would be successful? What factors need to be present to help
increase the success of your plan? (Adequate funding, staff, education, community or
consumer awareness, support from leadership, etc.)
4. Lastly, how has this assignment influenced your awareness of change and the Magnet

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