Commitment to Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

Commitment to Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

Access the following to complete this Assessment:

· Human Metrics. (2015a)

· Walden University. (2015a). Mission and Vision

· Program Learning Outcomes: Master of Healthcare and Administration (MHA)

This assessment has four-parts.  Click each of the items below to complete this assessment.

Part I: Self-Reflection

Complete the HumanMetrics personality assessment. Based on your results, write a 3- to 4-page self-reflection as follows:

· Analyze your personal and professional strengths. What management, leadership, functional, and interpersonal skills do you consider to be your strengths? Why were these strengths included?

· Analyze your personal and professional weaknesses. In what areas do you recognize that improvement is needed if you are to perform as an effective administrator, manager, and leader? Are there areas in which you are interested but feel you need additional knowledge and skills? Explain and justify your rationale for selecting these weaknesses.

· Analyze at least three opportunities you have to further your professional growth and development. Include work-related opportunities or those outside the workplace.

· Describe at least three ways you would incorporate the practice of lifelong learning in your profession growth.

· Describe barriers or challenges that might keep you from achieving what you want. Include work-related barriers or those outside the workplace. Explain which barriers are of most concern and why.

Part II: Opportunities Analysis

Consider the varied opportunities for healthcare administrators, managers, and leaders today: the different settings, positions, and areas of expertise and knowledge that exist in the fast-changing healthcare environment. With insights from your self-reflection in mind, write a 4- to 6-page opportunities analysis as follows:

· Describe the roles and responsibilities of four different administrative and or managerial positions in four different healthcare settings (for example, a director of food services in a nursing home; a health information manager in a hospital; or a director of business development, contracting, and sales in a rehabilitation center). Select positions and settings that are of particular interest and relevance to you professionally. Explain why these positions interest you. Describe trends that impact the growth potential of these positions.

· Describe the strengths you would bring to each position as well as the weaknesses you would need to address, including any functional knowledge and skills you bring to the position or would need to gain.

· Analyze key unique and specific leadership, knowledge, and competency skills that are needed to be effective and innovative in these healthcare administrative roles. Identify at least four you need to enhance through additional training and mentorship and where skills can be developed.

· Describe at least two opportunities you have for expanding personal innovative leadership in the workplace. How and why might those opportunities yield positive results?

Part III: Plan for Professional Development

There are many paths that lead toward continuing professional development through lifelong learning. All require deliberate and informed thought and planning. Based on insights and information gained from Parts 1 and 2 of this Assessment, develop a 3- to 4-page professional development plan as follows:

Note: If your current place of employment provides a “Professional Development Plan Template,” you are encouraged to use this template.

· Describe which professional organizations you might join. If you are already a member of an organization, discuss how you have benefitted and how you could enhance benefits from your membership. Describe specifically what you can gain from involvement with these organizations and what you can contribute to the organizations.

· Describe at least three specific, measurable steps/actions you can take over the next 3–5 years that will enhance your professional career opportunities and help you reach your professional goals. Consider certifications that may better position you to gain new opportunities.

· Identify career goals in the context of the dynamic healthcare environment and the specific skills and knowledge needed to maintain a competitive advantage. Consider additional work experiences, even in your current workplace, you might seek that will enhance your opportunities in the future. Also consider what community involvement activities you might engage in that will authentically demonstrate your commitment to a community orientation and social change. Consider managerial and leadership skills you need to enhance. Explain your rationale for each, including how it will specifically help position you for continued growth.

· Describe at least five action steps needed for your “Plan for Professional Development.” Using a “Word Table,” break the steps down into specific, measurable steps that include target date, event, and milestone. Provide rationale for each action step

Part IV: Elevator Speech

As a healthcare administrator, you will be called upon to clearly and succinctly introduce yourself to many different people. It is helpful to prepare an “elevator speech” to express essential information about yourself and your goals. The term elevator speech is used in business to denote a short, simple message you can convey while positioned next to someone you would like to meet in an elevator. In reality, you may use an elevator speech when you meet people in a variety of settings and situations. Recall the goals you identified in your “Professional Development Plan.”

· Review the Walden University “Vision and Mission” statements web page, including the vision and mission statements for the College of Health Sciences. Also review the “Learning Outcomes—Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA).” Select one or two that are particularly significant for your career aspirations.

Prepare an approximately 30-second audio (or optional video) elevator speech in which you:

· Promote your strengths as a healthcare administrator.

· Explain how your goals exemplify the distinguishing characteristics of Walden University and the MHA program.

· Share your commitment to professional development and lifelong learning.

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