Change tends to bother many people both inside and outside the medical profession it can be an issue.

Respeonse to nursing DB (Peer). 150 words. 1 reference within 5 years. NURSING JOURNALS ONLY.Change tends to bother many people both inside and outside the medical profession it can be an issue. At the CVICU I work in at Memorial Regional there is no exception from changing the equipment like the IV pumps to updating insulin protocols to remain current with new therapies there always seems to be resistance and trouble unifying the team at first.Guo Hao Liu and Zhou (2016) conducted a study on Nurses in several different specialties with varying levels of education and noticed a trend of increased compliance with evidence based practice in those nurses with higher levels of education experience with research and job satisfaction. I think this supports the trend of our nursing boards to increase the levels of education required to practice examples including their promotion of BSN only programs and as you discussed in class this week the transition of the MSN programs to the Doctorate level. The more educated one is and the more experience they have in the viewing the process behind what puts these new treatment modalities in effect then the more respect they have for the research itself and the information it provides.In my unit specifically there had been an issue one of our respiratory therapist had seen in administering breathing treatments such as albuterol to patients without a significant respiratory history. This protocol was formed by the surgeons and intensivists through their experience and research. The problem was addressed by involving these decision makers to educate the staff on their reasons in a non-confrontational and educational manner which allowed the respiratory therapists a chance to understand and buy into the programThis article and experience illustrates that this method of providing education instead of simply implementing new protocols may promote a positive outlook on evidence based decision making. Education and research should be presented to employees and the process explained so it can aid its acceptance and compliance.

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