Change in practice:deep venous thrombosis profilactice.

Change in practice:deep venous thrombosis profilactice.

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I would like to use the same writer for this assignment as for the assignment /order 112606. I also need that it would be the same writer as for my previous ordewrs: 111654, 11652, 111860, 112104… Change in Practice Assignment Each week, you will be presented with additional information that will assist you in completing this assignment. The following is a description of the assignment; however, the rubric for the assignment must be used to complete the assignment. The rubric is found in the CourseInfo area of the course. Select a problem in nursing practice that you believe needs to be addressed and write a 6-7 page paper. Gather evidence on practices that will address the problem. Use the following outline to prepare for submission of the project in Week 5: • Identification of the problem. Why is it important? Why should there be a change? • Changes in practice that you are suggesting. • What is the evidence (research) that supports your proposed changes? (Note: use research articles for this section) • How do “individual patient or family needs and preferences” impact the implementation of the change? • How would you evaluate the change?


Big Town Hospital

A group of nurses at Big Town Hospital filed a complaint, charging the hospital with discrimination, and alleged that the hospital had failed to implement changes that were recommended by an outside consultant the hospital hired to make sure that the hospital was complying with applicable employment laws. The outside consultant stated that nursing positions were female-dominated jobs and recommended that job classifications related to nursing positions and compensation in those job classifications be modified so that they were more in line with other positions in the hospital that were not dominated by one gender or the other.

The hospital maintains that because nursing positions are generally filed by females, there can be no discrimination of equal pay issue with regard to those positions. Who is right, the nurses who contend that there is sex discrimination and violation of equal pay laws, or the hospital that contends that only males who fill nursing positions can have a claim for sex discrimination and equal pay law violations?

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