aspects of domestic violence

For this weeks forum/ discussion, we are rooting out some of the aspects of domestic violence that stay hidden in the darkest corners of the family as well as addressing military families.   Select one of the following forum questions.

1.  The readings for the course both address the unique benefits and potential challenges of military life.  For this forum, analyze those benefits and challenges.  How does being in the military potentially impact marriages and parenting?  What are the resources provided by the military for families?

2.  Read the three articles linked at the bottom of the instructions.   Each addresses a different aspect of domestic violence that has generally received limited attention.  For the third item, you may either read the article by actor Patrick Stewart or watch the YouTube video.  The content is not an exact between these two links, but quite close.  For your discussion, use these items as a basis to discuss societal views of domestic violence.  Why do we view domestic violence as we do?  Why do we blame victims?  Why do we ask, for example, why the victim stays rather than re-directing to the root of the problem and ask why does abuse occur in the first place?  How can we address domestic violence?  Think not only reactive strategies like lock up offenders, but also proactive strategies like change societal attitudes that devalue women.      1.  Hidden Economics of Abuse: When Getting Beaten By Your Husband Is A Pre-Existing Condition    2.  Hidden Domestic Casualties of War: Hidden Casualties: An Epidemic of Violence When Troops Return from War   3.  Hidden Child Victims and Hidden Abuse When No One Challenges It Patrick Stewart: the Legacy of Domestic Violence Patrick Stewart on Violence Against Women

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