Appreciating the research process in nursing

Appreciating the research process in nursing

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To critique one given research article, focusing on the research question, methodology, sample, method of data collection, key findings and implications for practice. There should be evidence of an appropriate critique framework chosen for the structure of the critique. (2000 Words)

You can choose one article from the following 2:

Nagl-Cupal et al 2014 Prevelance and effect of care giving on children
Journal of Advanced Nursing 70(10) 2314-2325

Martinez-Marcos, M and C.De la Cuesta-Benjumea 2014 How women care givers deal with their own long-term illness: a qualitative study
Journal of Advanced Nursing 70(8) 1825-1836

Guidelines For Assignment
The following are module specific guidelines for the assessment to help you gain an understanding of the requirements of the assessment and should guide the amount of word space you allot to each section.

Introduction (200 words)
In this section you should introduce your essay and consider;
Context of the assignment, rationale for choice of article, critique framework for analysis

Main Body
Background/Literature review (400 words)
In this section, you should consider;
Research topic and the Literature review in the research paper
The aims, objectives or hypotheses of the research

Design (1000 words)
In this section you should consider;
Methodology (qualitative or quantitative)
Sample and sampling,
Methods of data collection
Rigour and ethics

Findings (200 words)
In this section you should consider;
Method of analysis and results (key findings)

Summary and conclusions (200 words)
In this section, you should consider the researcher’s conclusions and /or recommendations for nursing practice

What are your own conclusions of this critique? Are there any implications for nursing or your practice?

Appreciating the Research Process in Nursing

Credit rating
Meets Progression Requirements to Year 2 of the Course

Type of module
To develop an understanding of the research process and its application to nursing practice.
Learning outcomes/objectives
By the end of the module, the student will be able to:

1. Explain and understand the context of nursing research and evidence based nursing;
2. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the research process;
3. Be able to distinguish between quantitative and qualitative methodologies;
4. Analyse the comparative strengths and limitations of quantitative and qualitative research; and
5. Discuss the relevance of research within the context of evidence based practice..

Context of nursing research and evidence based nursing.
The research process in quantitative and qualitative research.
The research question and literature review.
Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.
Methods of collecting and analysing data.
Ethico-legal issues relating to research.
Service user involvement in research.
Establishing research quality: Rigor, reliability and validity.
Dissemination of research findings for practice, education and further research.

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