What would you do if you were Kerri? Why?

  • Please watch the following video then read the case study and answer the questions.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bd_Te7-ZMO8
  • The Dilemma of Team Work
  • Kerri Waits is a senior account manager for Medequip, a leader in medical imaging systems, and has been a consistent top producer for the last five years. Kerri leads a sales-team of technical engineers who design, install, and maintain the company’s digital imaging systems; sales system specialists who work with customers on a day-to-day basis responding to questions and operating problems; and dedicated, phone-based customer service representatives who serve as the 24/7 communications link between customers’ staff and members of the Medequip sales team. Kerri coordinates the team and personally interacts with customer staff. However, quality of the installation, customer satisfaction, and likelihood of future purchases depends on the commitment and level of service provided by the sales team. Medequip has been experiencing rapid growth and adding personnel throughout the organization, especially sales system specialists and phone-based customer service representatives. As a result of adding all the new team members, the level of delivered quality has become unpredictable and consistently below the service levels promised by Kerri and other Medequip account managers. Kerri has discussed these sales-team support problems with her sales manager but nothing seems to change. Increasingly, Kerri finds herself working to patch over service failures caused by different members of her account sales teams and trying to win back customers who have left Medequip. Not only is Kerri losing sales, but her reputation is also beginning to suffer due to actions and even inactions of various team members. Last week, one of Medequip’s major competitors contacted her about leaving Medequip and coming to work for them.
  • What would you do if you were Kerri? Why? Please elaborate on your reasoning.
  • 1.     Stay with Medequip and hope that things will get better.
  • 2.     Take the job offer from the competitor.
  • 3.     Request a meeting with her sales manager and key sales-team members to document service failures and collaborate toward developing solutions.