take one to three of the points made in the film and take a stance on your selected points

Your assignment begins with watching “The Corporation” in class.  The film makes a lot of points about the modern-day corporation.  It is written with a specific viewpoint and audience in mind.  The film is rather critical of the modern-day corporation.  It specifically highlights a number of issues for the audience, including: limited liability for shareholders (i.e. the “corporate veil”); cheap labour; advertising; ethics in business; obligations of the corporations; environmental issues; and corporate evolution.  There are literally hundreds of points made in the film. Your assignment is to take one to three of the points made in the film and take a stance on your selected points.  Do you agree or disagree with the points as presented in the film?  Why or why not?  Remember, the quality of argument is more important than the conclusions you make.  Your paper must be supported with research.  You will need to use at least five external sources.  The sources must exist in print.  This means that you can use electronic sources, but only those that have appeared in print somewhere (i.e. no Wikipedia but citing the Globe and Mail or an electronic journal is okay). Length: 5-7 pages Font: Times New Roman Spacing: double Style of editing/citations: APA only Title page is required Late submissions: accepted, with 5% deducted per day late Marking breakdown: Analysis/critical thought: 40% Writing: 30% Research: 30% I am happy to review your work – insofar as I am able – up to one week prior to the due date. No duotangs, folders, etc