Problem for united Airlines when the kicked out a passenger

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topic: Problem for united Airlines when the kicked out a passenger

Global Citizenship Program

1. Trans-national or Multi-national Organization: (please list the company that you have selected.)

2. Ethic Dilemma: (please succinctly describe the ethical dilemma that you have identified at the company that you have selected. The dilemma can be past or present. A past dilemma can not have happened more than 5 years ago.)

3. Ethical Framework: (please explain the ethical framework that you will use to analyze the ethical dilemma that you have identified. Will you use deontology, consequentialism, virtue ethics, etc.? Why did you decide to you use this ethical framework?)

4. Global Citizenship Program: (Please describe the global citizenship program that you will recommend to address the ethical dilemma that you have identified.)

Project Outline

1. Introduction (~1 page): please provide a brief summary of the organization/topic that your team will research.

2. Literature Review (~1 pages) please provide a thorough yet succinct review of the current “thinking” on your topic.

3. Ethical Issue (~ 2 pages)

a. Ethical issue: Please describe the ethical issue that you have identified. Describe the who, what, where, why, and when.

b. Impact to the organization: Describe the impact of the ethical issue on your organization (if there is one). For example, what is the impact to financials (the bottom line) should the ethical issue not be addressed? What is the impact to the organization’s bottom-line should the ethical issue be addressed?

c. Impact to the community: Describe the impact of the ethical issue on the local community.

d. Impact to other stakeholder groups: Describe the impact of the ethical issue on other stakeholder groups such as government, competitors, et cetera.

4. Ethical Decision-Making (~2 pages)

a. Framework: choose one framework to ground the remaining sections of your program. For example, if your ethical theory is consequentialism, your team will need to determine the consequences of addressing or not addressing the ethical issue on various stakeholder groups.

b. Strategies for addressing ethical issue: Describe what strategies (probably three at the most) that your team has identified to address the ethical issue.

5. Corporate Citizenship Program (~5 pages) (this should be the main focus)

a. Program design: Describe how you will execute on the strategies that you’ve identified above. Please be sure to “put together” a high-level yet reasonable budget (with line items for each cost center that would be impacted). For example, full FTE or half FTE at $60,000.00 should you find the need to hire someone due to limited internal resources. Other cost centers to consider: T&E, T&D, etc.

b. SWOT analysis (or similar business tool): Use the SWOT analysis or similar tool to determine which strategy best aligns with your organization given the SWOT analysis.

c. Impact to stakeholder groups: Describe how the successful execution of your strategies (identified above) will impact various stakeholder groups.

6. Conclusion (~1 page) References