leadership and Organization Culture and Ethics in Leadership

Unit:  Leadership and Organization Culture and Ethics in Leadership

Deliverable Length:  3–4 pages

A hospital in a large metropolitan city has branches in 5 counties. Lately, the hospital has been losing market share to community-based clinics and primary care centers that are springing up on almost every corner. A competitor has proposed a new 24-bed hospital within 20 minutes of the main hospital. The board of directors and other stakeholders are excited about a new burn unit that could be introduced that may put the hospital back into the limelight. There is already a nursing shortage because many of the nurses take positions at competing health care facilities for better pay, better benefits, and a perceived better working environment. The leader must utilize a model of leadership to assess the need for the burn unit, determine how to staff the burn unit, increase market share, and solve the health professional workforce shortage.

•Which model would be most conducive for the leader to follow? Contemporary models to select from are as follows:

◦Omnibus Leadership Model

◦Dynamic Culture Leadership Model

◦Bolman and Deal’s Reframing Leadership and Management in Organizations Model

◦Yukl’s Multiple Linkage Model

•In your paper, complete the following:

◦Explain the rationale for your decisions, actions, and behaviors in a paper of 3–4 pages.

◦Identify and discuss the contemporary leadership model’s constructs that apply to the health care situation.

◦Locate a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles that support your model. ◦Complete at least 1 leadership assessment from the Web link below, and report the results in your paper.


◦Discuss if the results were what you expected from the assessment.