discuss the key differences among the comparative advantage theory

  1. discuss the key differences among the comparative advantage theory, the product life cycle theory and the transaction cost theory.
  2. Demonstrate your local currency fluctuations against the US Dollar and national export-import value (in the US Dollar) of your country for the last five years (at least) in the forms of tables and figures. Explain the relationship between currency fluctuation, and export and import value of your country, and draw managerial conclusions.
  3. Use the “country risk assessment criteria” table, and assess the political and legal risks of your country from an international marketer’s viewpoint.
  4. Why is Hofstede’s cultural classification scheme important in designing the international marketing mix elements?
  5. Although the online consumer surveys are popular nowadays, it has been criticised widely. Discuss the major challenges of the online consumer surveys in market size assessment from an international marketer’s viewpoint.


  • Answer to each of the above questions must not exceed 600 words; the total number of words to answer all of the above questions must not exceed 3000 words.
  • Write a few lines to address the introduction and conclusion sections for each of the questions. For the main discussion part of each of the questions, use several and key sub-headings/points for each of the paragraphs and discuss those with appropriate data/information and their citations/references.
  • Answer to each of the questions may have some kinds of headings and sub-headings. Such as, if a question asks you to discuss environmental challenges then its answer would first include 2-3 lines of introduction,  then a heading called “environmental challenges” under this heading there will be some sub-headings, such as, economic challenge, technological  challenge etc. and finally, you need to summarise your discussion in few lines.
  • This assessment is not a report, and as a result, you do not need ‘executive summary’. However, it should include the table of contents in a way where you will list the questions with their numbers (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and their pagination. 
  • It is suggested to complete each answer within 600 words. Practicing students’ capacities to answer within the limited words would also equip them to follow the principles of “simple, short and specific” writing styles.
  • You have to answer all of the above questions.
  • Attach the completed marking criteria sheet with your assignment and place this as the top-sheet of your assignment. You must also ensure that this assignment is your own work and in line with the University requirements.
  • The report must be produced in electronic format using word-processor (e.g. .doc or .docx formatted files) and as a single document (such as, combined marking criteria sheet and assignment). One way to do this is to download the marking criteria sheet from the Moodle site and complete this form first and then start the assignment from the next page;
  • There will be an assessment submission link on the course Moodle site. Please upload the WORD file (i.e., assignment) through this link. You need to click on the ‘submit’ or ‘send for marking’ button once the assignment is uploaded through this link.
  • The word document (i.e., your report) will go through similarity detection software (i.e., Turnitin) once you submit online and through this link.
  • The similarity rate must not exceed 30%, otherwise your assignment may remain as ‘unmarked assignment’. Ask your course coordinator, lecturer and tutors about this during tutorial/online discussion sessions, and manage this benchmark.
  • You need to use proper citation and referencing styles (Harvard styles). In this assignment, you need to demonstrate your critical understanding of, searching for and use of relevant literature and information. For this purpose, you are required to cite and reference at least 5 reviewed journal articles (download these from Google Scholar, CQU’s online or digital Library databases etc.), 2 textbooks and 3 Online/Web sources. The Harvard citation and referencing style guide is available on the course Moodle site.
  • The assignment extension request must be received at least three working days before the assignment submission deadline, and with appropriate justification.
  • For a late submission without an approved extension, a penalty of five per cent of the total available marks for the assessment for each calendar day will be applied following the Policy ID: 1242 (3.2.4).