Discuss the changing role of women in industrial society.

As Western Civilization was developing its industrial capabilities, the old way of doing things began to fade away. This was good because more rights were available to more people, but some folks complained of a seeping moral decay. Women were to be seen as having a big role in preventing our society from slipping too far. The various revolutions with their ideals of equality had planted the seeds. When the Industrial Revolution forced men further away from the home, the door was open to a third Educational Revolution for women.

Discuss the changing role of women in industrial society. How did that role change from 1830–1920? http://www.victorianweb.org/victorian/gender/femeconov.html provides an interesting place to start! Also, the Web site for your textbook has an enlightening article in Chapters 22 and 23: The Historical Record under electronic documents (they are the same document).

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