analyze and justify elements relevant to your specific analysis such as decision-making pitfalls (Chapter 7), communication breakdowns

Choose one of the high consequence disasters identified below (page reference is from your “Making the Team ~ A Guide for Managers” textbook). Examine the leadership’s role on group performance from the perspectives of preparedness, prevention, decision-making, and effective response. Specifically, use the integrated model of successful for teamwork (exhibit 2.1 on p. 24) in chapter two to diagnose the failures of the leader in their ability to guide the organization to perform effectively, build and sustain motivation, and coordinate people.

Use the text to analyze and justify elements relevant to your specific analysis such as decision-making pitfalls (Chapter 7), communication breakdowns, lack of appropriate knowledge/skills/information, lack of motivation, ineffective strategy, etc. 6-8 pg,  business rptt, a min of five headings and in- txt cit. Very little about each particular disaster is provided in your textbook. Your report needs to exhibit research beyond the textbook to provide specifics about the selected leadership failure.

Page Numbers for the 5th

  • The U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2002 (p. 171)
  • Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme (p. 190)
  • The 1961 Bay of Pigs Operation (p. 171 & 173)
  • The 1986 Challenger Disaster 

Your business rpt will be evaluated on:

  • Format, organization, and citations
  • Use of the Integrated Model (2.1 on pg. 24 of text)
  • Applied research
  • Textbook Usage
  • General content analysis