Webster University Healthier Lifestyle and Low Budget Essay

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Healthier Lifestyle, Low Budget

Eating healthy is important, but how can you continue to eat healthy on a low budget? Will exercising be the only way to effectively lose weight? When did one become unhappy with their weight? Losing weight and keeping it off, is a for sure confidence booster.Choosing the correct food products can become very expensive and working with a low budget, one will wonder, can my goal be achieved? The health food industry and weight loss methods have increased in popularity, because it’s becoming all about profiting, instead of helping.My research began, with a trip to my local market to check out pricing on the kinds of food that really interest me the most.Will it be fresh foods, Dry or canned foods, or Frozen foods? My journey begins.

Cheaper fruits, like apples, bananas or whatever is in season was a start to my regiment of beginning my weight loss to better health.I loaded up on what was on sale and freeze what I could, for later use. I would buy several ears of fresh corn if on sale and cut it from the ears and place in freezer bags and the same for any other vegetables. I use the weekly sales offered by my local grocery store and plan my meals around what was on sale that week. I never thought I could change my way of looking at food, until I really made up my mind to lose some weight. Because the use of junk food/fast food is less expensive, it leads to obesity and other related health diseases. Healthy eating habits means eat meals, not snacks; you should try eating more at the table and eat slowly.

I’m also a meat eater, so I look for the less expensive cuts of meats. Of course, you really can’t get away from chicken, so instead of my favorite chicken wings, I began using the chicken thighs. I learned about good –quality fat and not to be afraid of it, especially if I’m trying to lose weight. Embracing beans and brown rice are also an expensive and tasty way that can be a meal alone.I learn the healthiest way to eat is to prepare my own food. I also learned that through my employer I can participate in the health savings account and flexible spending accounts can help with budgeting and savings for health -related expenses. The goal is to identify what is important to you and where you can cut back without sacrificing your health.Portion control and eating hours before going to bed will have also assist me with my weight loss.

There are several ways I have learned to do daily. Breakfast I eat oatmeal with some brown sugar or cinnamon, nuts or a banana. Lunch I may do a chicken quesadilla with whole wheat tortilla with salsa. Dinner, I may have chicken sautéed in olive oil, brown rice and for vegetables steamed broccoli. If I want a snack, I may cut a few pieces of celery stalks with some peanut butter. Dessert, I go with sugar free gelatin Jell-O. The quality of food is so important to me, because it will make you feel fuller longer and is also better for you. I try not to go with ramen noodles, even though they are very inexpensive, I know they are very bad for me.

Losing weight can be done in many ways and not having enough money should not be an excuse for not trying. Providing yourself with unhealthy eating habits because of a lack of funds is a big mistake for you and your love ones. You are taking from them the possibility of being in their lives, the benefit of sharing your knowledge, love, mentoring, and nurturing.Even though, fast food can be more affordable to low income families, fast food is high in saturated fats and trans fats, it has preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors and flavors. Healthy foods preserve and also protect our body from deadly diseases, because of the minerals and vitamin proteins. Walking after lunch or after work cost nothing and your body will benefit from it and boost your health along with fewer visits to the doctor’s office.

It is no joke America is getting fatter, however your health life itself does not have to be that way. Daniel Weintraub stated “The battle against fast food begins in the home”. One way to begin to help with healthier eating habits is the way parents cook and teach their children at an early age proper eating habits and the importance of exercising. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry, impulse shopping can lead you to buying foods that are not good for you. Buying generic brands is less expensive and just don’t buy junk food, surprisingly enough these foods can very well increase your grocery bill and it’s something you definitely don’t need. The best advice is to stock up on your favorite healthy foods when they go on sale, and watch out for the expiration dates. I also like to buy somethings in bulk; they can keep a lot longer in airtight containers. Packing your own lunch will also save money, eating out every day for lunch can be very expensive, so try and adapt to taking your lunch to work. You will be surprise at the end of the month how much money you have saved.

Couponing is another great way to reduce cost at the grocery store, but be careful, because a lot of coupons are for unhealthy processed foods. The bottom line, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to eat well. Your health doesn’t carry a price tag, but bad health can be very costly, leading to medical cost and possible a reduction in your ability to work, due to failing health because on you putting the wrong food in your mouth.Learn to plan your meals, do your cooking at home and make good food choices. You always have a lot more to offer alive than you know, focus on the value of your life.


Author: Bjarnadottir, A. (June 2017). 19 Clever Ways to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget.Retrieved from, http://www.healthline.com/nutrition

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