University of Michigan Code of Hammurabi & Mesopotamian Civilization Essay

this first Analyze/Reflect/Connect assignment asks you to analyze the Code of Hammurabi–one of the most important surviving documents from ancient Mesopotamia–and reflect on what it can tell us about the civilization in which it was produced. (A translated copy of the Code is attached, along with a brief introduction from another book. As you read over the many laws, watch for clues about different aspects of ancient Mesopotamian life and society, both direct and indirect.

Your essay should address the following:

(1) Analyze/reflect: What can we learn about ancient Mesopotamian civilization from the code of Hammurabi? In your response, cite at least three specific laws as examples, using the assigned numbers in the document. This section should comprise most of your response (at least two-thirds).

(2) Connect: How do our laws today reflect our own changing society and values? Give at least one specific example of a law adopted or changed to reflect our changing society/values.

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