SECR5080 Webster University Information System Security Research

Security Research Topic

Students will demonstrate their ability to use Internet and library resources to research the topic for Term Paper. Students will select a term paper topic to research from the suggested topics for term paper located using Term Paper link in week 4 activities or topic approved by instructor. Once a topic is selected the student will conduct a literature review using electronic and Webster University Online Library data sources. The end result will be a listing of the sources used and a brief statement of how this source contributes to the topic. Do not cut and paste or elaborate on details in this assignment. YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST TEN SOURCES ON THIS ASSIGNMENT. Please view FAQ’s link on course home page for an example of the format used in this assignment. Research topic must be used as sources for the term paper. Research topic is worth 45 points. Approval of Term Paper Research Topic in week 4 is worth 5 points.

Research topic is due July 13, 2017

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