Rasmussen College Informed Civil Discourse Discussion

apa, in cite qoutes and references included, respond to peer post part 2. in the response and initial post make sure to ask a question as well

Can informed civil discourse create the best government? Cite a modern political issue and assess how civil discourse is being used to deal with this issue.

You are required to make at least one post that responds to your classmates’ posts. In your reply, you need to address specific points made by your classmate(s) within their post and ask a follow up question to promote more thought and discussion on the topic.

Your discussion posts should be reflective, thoughtful, meaningful, and free of spelling and grammar errors.

Due dates for your initial and response posts can be found by checking the Course Syllabus and Course Calendar.

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part2 respond to this

Informed civil discourse is simply having an informed discussion with someone or a group about an issue or topic. It is incredibly important to utilize informed civil discourse in numerous situations because it keeps the discussion or debate fair and there is a shared mutual respect from both parties. Communication is key, especially in a government system, as all parts must be informed. It also creates a sense of trust because those who participate are respectful of each other.

I actually have participated in informed civil discourse a few times about the topic of racism and policing. I am a criminal justice major and have studied the medias influence on the claims of racism in the police force. I have spoken with a few people about this issue, and have shared the knowledge I have gained about the situation through school and personal research. I actually just had a conversation with someone about it not even an hour before writing this post! It makes it so much easier to share and hear other people’s point of view when each side is civil, informed about the situation, and willing to listen. By having a civil discussion about this issue, I believe that the truth of the matter will be spread, instead of hate and controversy.

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