PSY576 Henley Putnam University Terrorist Mind ISIS Analysis

Length: 7-10 pages (not including the title or reference pages in the count)

Purpose: The purpose of the codex is to demonstrate strategic leadership competencies by examining the psychology of terrorism and communicating the global implications.

Description: Prepare a research paper on the terrorist group of your choice using the analytical structures discussed in Module 3 (Rational amd Morality-based Decision Making). This assignment will contain the following major sections:

  • Abstract of the organization in terms of their organization, environment, primary strategy, and leadership
  • Listing of primary goal(s)/strategy(ies)
  • Perception of their primary enemy or enemies
  • Methodology(ies) of attack, target(s), and summary of how these are perceived to achieve the stated goal/strategy
  • Psychologies of the primary leadership and relationship diagram for internal politics.

Audience: Assume the audience of the paper is a decision maker who has asked for your analysis of terrorist organizations.

Sources: Please provide at least five different sources to support your discussion. Document them with in-text citations and on a references page.

Language: Present your paper in a professional, academic way that addresses the designated audience. Be sure to present well-developed paragraphs that are free of grammatical error and that convey a logical flow of information.

Format: Format your responses according to APA guidelines. Using APA style correctly is a graded aspect of this assignment.

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