Procedure You will be creating a medical scenario in which a medical condition is diagnosed and/or treated with nuclear medicine. Your scenario must…

Procedure You will be creating a medical scenario in which a medical condition is diagnosed and/or treated with nuclear medicine.  Your scenario must include the use of TWO radioactive isotopes.  You may discuss the use of two for either diagnosis or treatment, or you may discuss the use one for diagnosis and one for treatment. 

1. Pick one medical condition which interests you. 2. Research what nuclear medicine techniques are used with the condition.  (A short list of common nuclear medicine techniques is given at the end of the lab) 3. Choose a technique and two radioisotopes to use in the procedure. 4. Write the scenario in which you as a medical professional are talking with the patient.  Speaking at a level that a person with a high school diploma can understand, convey the following information to the patient:

1.Give an explanation of what you suspect might be wrong with the patient, including the symptoms that led you to your suspicion and a brief medical discussion of the condition. (2 points)

2.Explain what radiographic technique and isotopes you plan on using to diagnose and/or treat the patient. Be sure describe the radioisotopes (including the type of radiation, any special equipment needed – for example imaging equipment, tell how the technique works, and explain why the technique/isotopes will be useful/helpful.)  (8 points)

3.Explain the risks that will be associated with the radiation and how it will affect them during and after the hospital visit (i.e. will it make them sick, any adverse effects, what will be done to prevent any problems, do they have to avoid people, etc.) I will be looking for specific discussion of radiation risks – if there are none, you need to say so and explain briefly why. (2 points)

4.Pretend that the procedure is over and you have the results. Explain what the results are and what they mean.  (2 points)

5. In addition to the scenario, please write another paragraph describing why you found the case you selected to be so interesting.  Personal experience?  Relate to your job or your aspirations?  Something you always wanted to know more about? (2 points)

6. The style of the report is a typed transcript of your discussion with your patient (see the sample below).   Be sure to include all aspects asked for above.  If you do not have two radioactive isotopes with corresponding nuclear medicine technique(s), you will lose a large number of points.  Remember to use simple

terms and language to talk with a patient who may not have much medical knowledge of his or her own.  You will be penalized if you exceed 1000 words. (2 points)

7. Finally, make sure that you cite your work!  Use in-text citations to indicate all information that came from a source other than yourself.  Citations will not be part of the overall word count! (2 points)