OSU Lesson 7 Muslims Religion Exercise and Whole Class Discussion Paper

  1. Choose a religion that you want to learn about (one that is different from yours or different from the one you have been exposed to). (use Hindu or Muslum)
  2. On your own first, conduct research/background information about the practices, customs, and traditions of that religion ;
  3. After you have conducted the research, interview someone of that religion OR go to a service/session and ask about their beliefs, customs and traditions and its impact on their workplace including challenges/barriers they have experienced.

In 300-500 words, post your response to the following:

  1. Post your findings and discuss how these practices, customs, and traditions might impact or create a conflict in the workplace. Give specific examples.
  2. As an HR manager, how would you handle conflict arising from, or a request to accommodate, these practices, customs, and/or traditions you have discovered in the interview? Give specific recommendations.

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