OSHT3205 Ergonomics Current Event & Musculoskeletal Diseases Chart

  • 3P1: Ergonomics Current Event

    Identify a current event about ergonomics from a credible source (WikiPedia is not considered a credible source in academics). Discuss with your fellow learners the current findings / technologies / research / etc that you have found and how you feel this will benefit or harm potential workers. Feel free to include photographs or links to any videos that are relevant to your event.Comment on at least two other learners – discussing their event and the techniques they have discussed in their original post.

  • Assignment

    3A1: Identifying & Charting Musculoskeletal Diseases

    M2 Assessment – Musculoskeletal Disorders_.xlsx

    • Research the Musculoskeletal Disorders
    • Identify the Body Parts Affected
    • Identify the Symptoms
    • Identify Possible Causes
    • Identify Workers Affected

    Use the attached spreadsheet and fill in the chart.

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