MGT602 MWSU How Management Teams Can Have a Good Fight Book ?Summary

You will write a summary of the article below:

Eisenhardt, K. M., Kahwajy, J. L., & L.J. Bourgeois III, B. (1997). How management teams can have a good fight. Harvard Business Review, 75(4), 77-86.

The summary should include:

  1. The main point(s) from the article
  2. How this article relates to at least one topic in the textbook
  3. An example from the real world – your own experience or someone else’s – where the information in this article would have been useful.

All sources, whether from the textbook or elsewhere, should be properly cited. (I attached the textbook simple)Links to an external site.

The paper should be formatted in Times New Roman 12 pt font, double spaced, with 1” margins all around. The document must be in Word format in order to attach and upload it.

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