Match the following terms related to transcription in eukaryotes (you may use terms more than once or not at all) A) RNA Polymerase I, B) RNA

Match the following terms related to transcription in eukaryotes (you may use terms more than once or not at all)

A) RNA Polymerase I, B) RNA Polymerase II, C) RNA Polymerase III, D) All 3 RNA Polymerases E) None of the above

1. Driven only by downstream promoter elements                             __________

2. Promoter contains TATA box                                                        __________

3. rRNA                                                                                             __________

4. tRNA                                                                                             __________

5. mRNA                                                                                           __________

6. snRNA                                                                                           __________

7. A second class of promoters contains CAAT box 100-200

nucleotides from the start site of transcription                        __________               

8. Synthesize RNA 5′ to 3′                                                                __________

9. Synthesizes RNA 3′ to 5′                                                              __________

10. Very sensitive to α-amanitin                                                         __________

Match the following terms related to translation and post translational processes. (you may use terms more than once or not at all)

A) Amino Acyl tRNA synthetase; B) SRP; C) HSP60 and HSP 70; D) proper order for stages of translation; E)     signal peptidase; F) termination of translation; G) EF-Tu; H) Ribosome;  I) IF3;  J) IF1;   K) none of the above  L) GTP hydrolysis

1.    20 of these enzymes, critical for maintenance of the genetic code, are

found in eukaryotes                                                                                              _______

2. UAA, UGA, UAG aligned with A site on ribosome                                      _______

3.    Initiation, Elongation, Termination                                                                 _______

4. Target misfolded proteins to the proteosome                                                   _______                                                                    

5. Important in targeting proteins to the ER                                                         _______

6. Releases newly synthesized peptides into ER lumen                                       _______

7. Release factor binds A site on Ribosome                                                        _______

8. Facilitates formation of peptide bond between amino acids                             _______

9. Targets charged tRNA to A site during elongation                                         _______

10. Binds to 30S ribosome subunit and prevents premature

association with the 50S subunit                                                                          ______

Very short answer questions

A.  What cell/cells are involved in linking innate and adaptive immunity?

B.  Name the 2 main types of phagocytes involved in innate immunity?

C.   What receptors are used by innate immune cells to recognize pathogens and what do they recognize on pathogens?

D.  What is the response time for an innate cell to begin to mount an immune response after recognizing a pathogen?

E.  What two cell types are responsible for adaptive immunity and what receptors do they use to recognize pathogens?

F.  What is happening during the delay in a primary adaptive immune response?