ITE West Post PPP Project Review

Assignment instruction:

  • Answer the question in essay format, with a maximum word count of 3000 +/- 10% words (excluding references, tables and diagrams).
  • Online submission in Canvas and to include a minimum of 10 references from scholarly journals or
  • Written work is to be referenced in accordance to RMIT University
  • Turnitin Similarity Index requirement of 25% and below
  • Label your file correctly showing: Course Title_lastname_ID_AT1 example: BUIL 1263 CPD3_Tan_S123456_AT1
  • Due Date: 1st, August. 2359 hrs SG time.

Assignment details

You are task by the Singapore Government to carry out a Post Project Review Report on the ITE College West (Public Private Partnership Project)

Your scope of report includes the followings tasks

1. Write up on the background and purpose of the PPP project

2. Identify the key stakeholders in the project and discuss their different goals and

3. Discuss the Project in the context of PPP processes namely:

  • Financing & Procurement
  • Legal Aspects
  • Design, Planning & Construction,
  • Operations and Facilities Maintenance
  1. Discuss the post project management & technical issues if any and offer appropriate solutions