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Final Project, Part 2. Development of the TopicAssignment

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Part 2: Development of your Topic.

This part of the final project is a summary of your ongoing work on the final paper; it should include three paragraphs, one covering each selected work. You should also make sure to re-state what your subject is.

Identify how the theme you chose in Part 1 appears in three different works, each from a different Humanities discipline (visual art, music, dance, poetry, prose, theater, film, religion). For instance, you could choose a poem, a painting and a scene from a film, all of which express and represent the theme of brotherly love. Or, to be even more specific, you may choose to examine the theme of artificial intelligence by analyzing the play “R.U.R.” by Karel Capek, Stanley Kubrick’s film “2001: A Space Odyssey,” and the painting “The City Rises” by Boccioni. Or, you could delve into the theme of light & dark with the ballet “Swan Lake,” C.S. Lewis’s novel “The Last Battle,” and Caravaggio’s painting “Judith Beheading Holofernes.”

Write one short paragraph (4-6 sentences) about each of your selections in which you:

  • Choose reliable and appropriate representations (published and established works of critical acclaim, a good-quality image, recording, video, etc.). Avoid self-published pieces. In order to research effectively for Part 3, you will need a published piece with published criticism/research.
  • Identify and cite the source (utilizing proper MLA citation format), including the full bibliographic information as well as where you found the representation. Be sure to cite the actual source (eg, youtube is not a source, it is a medium, where you found the representation. If accessing a film or song, cite the title/artist/publisher/etc and reference youtube as access point. See the note in MLA source about accessing via Netflix, Hulu et al. Also, IMDB is NOT a source — it is a database. Find and cite the actual film if using a film). More info on citing art and performances can be found at:
  • Explain why you find each selection relevant for your theme and this assignment.
  • Apply an interpretive tool for each example towards your theme.

Due Date for Part 2: This submission is due during Week 6, with the final day of submission being the Sunday of the sixth week (11:30pm ET). Please see the Course Schedule for the exact final due date for this submission. The submission should be carefully edited and proofed for standard use of English.