formulate 5marketing realistic objectives related to new product measurable, time-specific and comparable to a benchmark

For the SUPPLIED company, formulate at least five marketing objectives related to the new product/service that are realistic, measurable, time-specific and comparable to a benchmark.

B. Discuss the objectives as they relate to commercial, legal, and cultural aspects of a global business environment.

Your target market section should address the following:

Describe your target market, whether a business or consumer market, using segmentation variables. These include the use of demographics, psychographics, geodemographics, geographies, behavioral segments, or other segmentation criteria.

Describe your rationale forselecting the target market(s) that you did. State why these markets are attractive to you as a marketer.

Describe the market in terms of its anticipated growth, revenue opportunities, past performance, etc. Utilize our author’s criteria for segmentation to demonstrate that your target market(s) suggest the likelihood of success—the market needs to be identifiable, measurable, sustainable, accessible, and reachable.

use info/product from last project