final business processes

Submission Instructions:

Individual assignment

10 Page limit

oIf you are reasonably concise 7-8 pages should be sufficient

  • Bibliography and cover page DO NOT count for page limit

Double spaced

1 inch margins

12 point font

Must include citations

Submit as a Microsoft Word file (i.e., .doc or .docx file). Do not use .pdf

Include your last name in the filename (e.g., Smith – BUS665-Exam)

  • Must answer two of the three questions – QUESTION 1 IS REQUIRED

Exam Questions:

  1. REQUIRED – Your new boss is concerned that the inefficiency in your firm is dragging down its competitiveness. She asks you to write a brief report. You recall that LEAN offers a comprehensive typology of wastes. Your task is to define and discuss the 8 types of waste or Mudas (giving examples of each in your organization [or in one for which you have familiarity] and what causes them to occur). Discuss your recommendations (i.e., for each waste come up with two possible causes and link a possible solution to each cause) for eliminating each type of waste.

Also Answer Either Question 2 or Question 3

2-Your assignment is to help make your organization more process-oriented. While you have taken some steps such as defining major processes and appointing process champions you are troubled that the firm has not moved to become more process–orientated quickly enough. You feel that greater alignment in a variety of aspects (IT, rewards, etc.) could help.You have been asked write a brief report on how greater alignment could be achieved to make your firm a more process-oriented organization? What can be done and how/why can it help?

3-As a result of internal benchmarking it has become apparent that your factory is not performing as well as others in your large company. It is likely that many processes need (and can be) to be improved but you are overwhelmed about where to start. How would you determine which processes to prioritize for immediate improvement initiatives? For one of these high priority processes, discuss the steps you would take to improve it.

– you should cover all the question

– see the grade way in attainment, and cover what may prof. need it.

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