Did You See the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017? Discussion

Did you see the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017?

Towards the end of Chapter 1, we will be reviewing the geometry of eclipses as part of our introductory section on motions of the Sun and Moon in our sky. As many of you already know, it just so happens that two summers ago the United States experienced a Solar Eclipse whose path of totality lay exclusively within the continental US for the first time in 100 years. As your first assignment, please post a paragraph-length (3-5 sentences) summary of your personal experience in either viewing (or missing) this historical astronomical event. If you traveled to see the event, please feel free to make a longer posting. If you only saw it on TV or the internet, then feel free to describe that experience or a second-hand experience of one of your friends or family. If you missing the eclipse entirely, then perhaps do a bit of research and post about your outlook on future eclipses.

plz let me know if you need more info.


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