Complete Assignment fort Business Management Course

  1. Find scholarly articles related to any topic from Chapters 13 and 14 in your textbook . Try to find two articles with some common thread.
  2. Book access: username: password: Mcgregor18!
  3. In a Word document, key an annotated bibliography that includes: (a) the APA citations for the two articles you have selected, and (b) after each citation, a paragraph in your own words explaining why this article is appropriate for your Article Review.
  4. REQUIRED: In your annotation, please be specific about how each article ties into the chapter you have selected, citing specific pages from your textbook.
  5. If you have never done an annotated bibliography, you can google the term, work with a librarian, or see the links provided in this course under the Resources tab.
  6. Attach the annotated bibliography document to this Assignment dropbox as a .doc or .docx file–be sure the link opens in Word after you have attached the document.
  7. Once submitted, you can return to the Assignment dropbox to see the Turnitin Similarity report (it could take a few minutes to process). You should see a colored box with a percentage–click on the colored box to see your report. If the report is over 20%, you may have too much unoriginal content in the paragraphs that you wrote. Remember, these should be in YOUR OWN WORDS.
  8. The references themselves may show up as “unoriginal” which is ok, but what you wrote should NOT show up as unoriginal unless you have included direct quotations (in quotation marks).
  9. Compare your document to the Annotated Bibliography Rubric to ensure that all criteria have been met.
  10. Please review your document to ensure that no plagiarism or other errors have occurred, make necessary corrections, and resubmit before the deadline.