Capella University Offender Classifications and Needs Assessments Paper


Proper offender assessment classification is paramount to effective treatment. Actuarial/risk assessments are used to drive case planning and correctional treatment. In the Riverbend City simulation, you will see a correctional counselor conduct the Women’s Risk Needs Assessment, a gender-responsive risk needs assessment, at the River Valley State Women’s Prison.


Review the Riverbend City: Individual Therapy in Prison media linked in Resources, focusing on the Women’s Risk Needs Assessment tab. Based on the scenario, apply the Women’s Risk/Needs Assessment from your studies and write a memorandum addressed to the lead correctional treatment specialist at the prison in which you complete the following:

  • Write a systematic and objective identification of offender needs.
  • Summarize the Women’s Risk/Needs Assessment criteria for an offender.
  • Identify offender risk factors and strengths.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills regarding offender behavior.

Additional Requirements

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