Bethel University Police Ethics and Police Deviance Research

1. Research the Knapp Commission and conclusions reached. Do you agree or disagree with their recommendations?

2. Research the Bell, California corruption trial and its results. What do you think caused this and allowed it to go on? What recommendations would you endorse and why?

3. Research the topic of “solvability factors” and how they can affect a criminal investigation. Should they be used or not?

4. You are a seasoned police officer, and your beat partner is the subject of a police investigation. You have knowledge of what the officer has done and will be called before an investigation board. Your partner has asked for your help and to make up a story so she can “beat the rap” and continue her career. What will you do and why? How will your partner feel?

** The minimum word requirement is a total of 1,200 words. The response should be supported with a minimum of three scholarly references as well as in-text citations, using proper APA format. (The references doesn’t count towards the word count!)