Written Response(250 words minimum-350 maximum)No Outside researches


Go to:

Campaign Commercials 1972 Presidential Election (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

View two commercials from the Republicans and view two commercials from the Democrats.
(4 commercials in all)

Read the tabs to the right of the video screen which give a short summary of the Nixon campaign, McGovern campaign and the results of the election.

  • Describe the 4 commercials you watched. What were the images used? What were the themes and emphasis of each commercial
  • Which commercial do you think was most persuasive and would have the most appeal to the voters?
  • Explain any differences between the candidates and political party from viewing the commercials.
  • How did watching the commercials increase your understanding of the Election of 1972 and the issues facing Americans in the early 1970’s?


Respond to the questions and attach the written response as a file.
Due at the end of Week 15.
See the rubric for grading in the upper right hand side of the screen in the drop down menu.

Post must be 250 words minimum-350 words maximum.
Post word count at the end of your post.
No headings or titles

Demonstrate your knowledge of the assignment from the website you are to view.
No outside research is allowed or desired.
All material must be in your own words.

No direct quotes over 1.5 sentences.
Two direct quotes maximum.

Upload as a file. This will be checked for plagiarism