Which of the frameworks for systems planning seem most useful to you…why?

Each answer should be at least one page but our focus is to bring in our textbook, outside references, your experiences, etc as sources to cite / explain / discuss within your exam.

The text for our course is as follows:

Brown, C. et al (2012). Managing Information Technology (7th Edition). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.


Question One: Do we really need a major change in the way the IS function is structured…are the necessary changes just minor modifications to accommodate normal growth in computer uses…what are your thoughts / research in this regard?


Question Two: A vision is not the responsibility of the CIO…it is the responsibility of the CEO or the top management team…do you agree or disagree…why?


Question Three: Companies are using eBusiness applications to build profiles of customers…privacy advocates consider this practice to be dangerous…do you agree…where do you draw the line…why?


Question Four: Which of the frameworks for systems planning seem most useful to you…why?


Question Five: Web services sounds way too complex to be viable…how are little chunks of code from many organizations really going to work together and provide a reliable and secure computing environment?


Question Six: Although having a wireless device is handy, it is also an intrusion…people need some privacy…they should not always be reachable…what are your thoughts in this regard?


Question Seven: Technology does not change culture…do you agree or disagree to this statement…why?

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