week 7 discussion and response k.t.

Week 7 Discussion

Discuss some of the ways that organizations are using mobile applications and social media to communicate with customers and develop ongoing relationships to increase their business profitability. Are you concerned about organizations knowing where you are and having the ability to collect information about you?

Please answer the discussion and then add a minimum of one comment to a classmate for full credit.

Grading rubric for discussions:
Response to discussion question = 8/8
Quality of peer comment = 8/8
Spelling & grammar = 4/4

Respond to this post as well.


I have noticed that some businesses like the doctors offices are using text messages as a way to remind your of appointments and communicating any type of message to customers. Also, a lot of businesses now have FB pages and it pops up according to the tings you search via internet when using you mobile device. i think people spend a lot of time on social media and if you want to get their attention using the social media is a reat way to do so.

Yes, I am concerned about organization knowing where i am ad collect information about me. No one wants to be targeted base on the info shared about them. I onl want to share information about myself that I put out to companies knowingly.

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