Week 11 HR Discussion

“Applications and Best Practices ” Please respond to the following:

  • Imagine you are at a party where you have to describe what human resource management is all about. Provide a brief summary to your fellow partygoers.

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Respond to:


Human resources, I can see this meaning one thing to someone yet something else to another. I feel that no answer can really be wrong because it all is a matter of perspective, after all I’m a team leader and someone else might be a team member.

So as best I can explain HR has function in many different area of the business. I personally deal with them when it come to my payroll and also when I’m scheduling my team. That could mean how many hours I get to give them in my future schedule and there availability when the can work. HR also pays a very large role when it comes to benefits and packages attached to them. They will notify you when eligible and help you get enrolled and be you liaison when changes need to be made. HR also plays their biggest roll when it comes to hiring and firing. They will onboard the new employees and they will host exit interview for employees leaving the business. HR will also play a role in the daily operation of the company by assisting leaders in setting up recognition and they are the keepers of the documentation.

Obviously much more detail goes into the function of HR but I think at this point my fellow party goers stopped paying attention.