VTUFC Extractive Industries Under Neoliberal Globalization Discussion

Answer the questions below with at least 3 paragraphs each. Use only material provided for sources, no outside sources.

12 size, times new roman, 1.5 spacing

Question 1. How do nations present themselves to the world? What mechanisms and techniques do they use? For what purposes? Answer these questions through two specific examples. (3 paragraphs at least)

Question 2. Does the presence of a very valuable natural resource in a community or in a country readily produce benefits like wealth and development? For whom?Using a specific example, discuss the effects of extractive industries under conditions of neoliberal globalization. (3 paragraphs at least)

One book is attached below (Neoliberalism, Steger), and the other is an ebook (the origins of the modern world: a global and environmental narrative from the fifteenth to the twenty-first century, Robert B Marks) https://www.amazon.com/Origins-Modern-World-Enviro…

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